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          CONTACT US

          电 话:0769-2281 8803

          传 真:0769-22818825

          邮 箱:gdsv@senview.com.cn

          地 址:东莞市南城区新基路新基地产业园C栋4层



          广东森觉光学科技有限公司,专注于自动化领域各类传感器的研发、生产及销售,主 要产品有光电传感器、光纤传感器、测量检测、安全产品、工业无线网络产品、工业视觉 和接近开关的专业制造商。

          公司自成立开始便与欧美和国内知名品牌以及顶尖的科研机构建立起交流合作关系, 凭借在电子技术,自动化领域的专业水平和成熟的技术迅速崛起,成为传感器界民族品牌 的先驱。

          为了产品的可靠性,本公司通过了IS09001质量管理体系认证,通过CCC认证,以及 CE认证。公司以“为客户创造价值”为宗旨,以“创新和服务”为核心。凭借“一流的研 发团队,一流的销售团队,一流的生产管理”,打造出一流的民族品牌,为广大企业的发 展壮大提供领先、可靠的控制和检测解决方案。

          Guangdong Senjue optical technology co., LTD

          Guangdong Senjue Optical Technology Co., Ltd., focused on the automation field of all kinds of sensors in R & D, production and sales, the main products have photoelectric sensor, fiber optic sensor, measurement, product safety, industrial wireless network products, industrial vision and proximity switch professional production manufacturer.

          Company since its inception has with Europe and the domestic well-known brands and leading research institutions established cooperation relations, by virtue of the electronic technology and automation in the field of professional and mature technology the rapid rise to become sensors national brand pioneer.

          In order to product reliability, the company passed the IS09001 quality management system certification, through the CCC certification, and CE certification. Company to create value for customers, for the purpose, to "innovation and service" as the core. With "first-class R & D team, first-class sales team, first-class production management", to create a first-class national brand, as the majority of enterprises in the development and expansion of provide leading and reliable control and detection solutions.